Activities and exercises to keep your Pet healthy

Pets like to play and have fun with their owner, and these activities are beneficial with associated health benefits. The key benefit is that your pet stays healthy. Most people don't realize that cats also need exercise and playtime to just as much as humans do. In this article, we would be dwelling more on excercises for cats.

In a study, it was found that more than 60% of cats that live indoors are obese or overweight, and this problem will show disastrous effects in their old age. Knowing some activities and exercises that will keep your pet healthy will be discussed in this 2min read article .

Activities and exercises for pets

Cat tower

A cat tower is one of the most favorite play activities for cats. Some cats use the cat tower as an opportunity for exercise. Placing more than one cat tower in the house will encourage your cats to climb and play with them. In addition,  climbing cat trees will keep your cat healthy as it engages all the muscles in their body.

Cat toys

Cats like to spend some "me" time, and they like to play alone, if your cat doesn't like have some "me" time, let's start by getting them some interactive cat toys, trust me they will stop getting attached to you. Get as many interactive toys for your cat because it is one of the best strategy to keep them active.

Cat Food Puzzles

Cats love mental challenges, and it's good for their physical and mental health too. In the Feline Journal of Medicine and Surgery, the feline behaviorist explains that food puzzles are the best mental and physical stimulation. This activity is inexpensive and easily manageable since you only have to hide the treats in your house in different places and let your cat find them.


You can get creative and try other fun and engaging activities with your cat to keep your furry baby healthy. This will also increase bonding with your cat and strengthen your relationship.

October 18, 2020 — Esther Adelodun

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