Handling A Cat

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As a general rule, you should use both hands to pick up your cat. One hand should scoop up his behind while the other hand supports his front chest. Limit the amount of time your cat is dangling mid-air and provide your cat with as much body contact as possible to hold him securely.

Physical contact is very important for establishing a close relationship with your pet. When holding or carrying a cat, you should allow it to adopt the position in which it feels most comfortable and talk to it in a reassuring way. A cat will soon let you know when it has had enough and wants to be left alone; a determined protesting cat can be quite a handful.

You should also learn where your cat like to be stroked and which areas of its body are particularly sensitive. When handling a cat, take it in its own time and never use force or sudden movements which will frighten it.

Cat’s enjoy being held for brief periods but they do like their own movements and will usually only feed at ease in the arms of a human whom they know and trust. Some individuals can be trained to sit on their owner’s shoulders.


  1. First, gain the cat’s confidence. Once the cat is relaxed, gently lift it, supporting its hindquarters
  2. Lift the cat in as natural a position as possible. Talk to the cat to reassure it
  3. Use one arm to support the cat’s hindquarters, and the other for support and gentle stroking

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